The Lilyphant: A Success Story

Once upon a time there was a circus elephant who wanted to be a flower. A lily, in fact. “If I were a lily,” the elephant would tell himself, “I wouldn’t stink like the circus and be told to do stupid balancing tricks.” So, every evening, back in his circus trailer, before falling asleep, he visualized and affirmed to himself that one day, he too, could be a flower. A lily, in fact.

Several years went by, with many shows and stupid tricks. And yet, still smelling like the circus, the elephant meditated, visualized and affirmed that he was not an elephant, but a lily. He even bought a book on how to create what you want just by visualizing and affirming.

One morning, on the way to the next town for a show, the circus truck—pushing over 90 mph and carrying the elephant and his elephant friends—violently slammed into the back of another truck. The truck in front was delivering flowers to the same town in which the circus was having its next show.

The two trucks tumbled in a mangled tangle of wheels and steel—tossing the elephant and several of his elephant friends into a dirt field. Not only were the elephants tossed, but also several hundred flowers from the other truck. When the dust settled, the elephant lay on his side, knocked out cold, but unharmed. Only now, he was covered not only in dirt and dust, but with hundreds of flowers from the flower truck.

And as he lay there unconscious, he dreamed he had finally become a lily. In his dream, he didn’t smell like the circus, but like a beautiful yellow flower.

And so, smelling like a flower in a circus, dreaming he was twirling in the air like a carefree yellow lily, the elephant believed he had attained his goal.

He was eventually hauled into town to perform his next show. Only now, he included a large yellow lily in his act, balancing it on his big fat elephant ass oh so gracefully. It was beautiful. The circus crowds loved it and gave him a standing ovation.

Not long afterwards, an agent from Hollywood caught the elephant’s flower act, signed him to an exclusive deal, and now the elephant is a huge worldwide star with millions of Instagram followers and three hit movies under his trunk.

Moral: Don't be silly, elephants can't have an Instagram account…